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Navigating Common AC Repair Issues: Causes and Fixes?

As the heat of summer approaches, air conditioners are working overtime. Unfortunately, AC units will inevitably run into some problems along the way. To ensure your cooling system is in tip-top shape this season, it’s important to familiarize yourself with common issues and their causes. We’ve created a comprehensive guide to navigating AC repair issues to ensure you don’t get too hot under the collar.

  1. No Airflow: First and foremost, check your air filters. Replace them immediately if they are old or clogged with dust, pollen, and debris. It is also possible that weeds, grass, or other debris may block your outside compressor unit. Lastly, check the fan motor to make sure it is running correctly.
  2. Unit Not Turning On: If you’ve checked all your circuit breakers and still have no luck, there may be a problem with your thermostat or wiring. It’s best to call in an experienced AC technician for diagnosis and repair.
  3. Leaking Refrigerant: This is a serious issue that requires professional attention. A leaky unit can lead to higher energy bills and health risks if not addressed quickly and properly. Let an HVAC professional help you.
  4. Ice Build-Up: If your AC coils are frozen, the first step is to turn off the unit and let the ice thaw. From there, you can investigate if a clogged air filter is blocking air from circulating properly or if the evaporator fan isn’t running correctly.
  5. Unit Not Cooling: It may be difficult to determine what’s causing this issue, especially if your AC unit is old and outdated. Start by checking your air filters, the condenser unit’s cleanliness, and the refrigerant levels. Consider having an HVAC technician come out for a tune-up if these are all in order.

Don’t let AC repair issues bring you down this summer! With a little research and knowledge of common problems, you’ll be better equipped to tackle any issues. And if things get too complicated, don’t hesitate to call an experienced technician for help.

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